~Internet access with a browser that will support HTML 5, such as, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 8 or higher.
~Text Book "Radiology for the Dental Professional" by Frommer, Stabulas-Savage, 9th ed. Click link for 25% off
~Study Guide "Radiology for the Dental Professional" by Frommer, Stabulas-Savage, 9th ed. Click link for 25% off
~This class is designed for those that are self-motivated.
~This is a non-credit, non-graded class. Pass or no-pass only. This class DOES fulfill the requirement set by the state of Oregon, for the "Oregon Certificate of Radiology Proficiency" only. It is not to replace the dental radiology courses within the curriculum of an accredited dental assisting or dental hygiene program.
~Before each new section, read the corresponding chapter from your textbook. After you complete the reading, go through the on-line lesson and activity. After each chapter there will be an activity that you "turn in".
~All topics/chapters and activities MUST be completed before the clinical dates. If you are not able to complete them in the allotted time, you may be able to arrange attending the next clinical dates. You must communicate with the instructor if you feel like you are falling behind.
~This class has been designed by Terra Hoy, RDH. Mrs. Hoy has exclusive rights to the design of this on-line course and it may not be shared nor copied for public nor private use for others than the students that are registered and have paid.

Oregon Administrative Rule 818-042-0060 states the three steps to obtaining a certificate:

1- Complete a course of instruction in a program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association or other course of instruction approved by the Board. (That's this course)

2- Pass a clinical examination. Instructions for Oregon's clinical board can be obtained by calling DANB at 1-800-367-3262 or by going to

3- Pass the Dental Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) examination administered by the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB)

Once you read through the downloaded link info, you may contact me with any questions you may still have.